Winter diseases being cared in summer

By Dr Yun Shen

What you can do in summer? Lots of fun for outdoors activities or swimming? Did you know actually summer is a very good time for caring the “winter diseases”? In Chinese Medicine practice, we called it “winter diseases being cared in summer”; which means doing some Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment in summer, can significantly decrease the incidence and severity of symptoms for the certain diseases in winter, especially for chronic nose inflammation, asthma, rhinitis, arthritis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cold and flu, chronic lower back pain, chronic diarrhoea,   sinus problems, cervical problems and the more.


In Chinese medicine practice, we actually focus on prevention before disease onset, also emphases the relationship/harmony between environment and human. As Chinese medicine practitioner, we will care your heath and treat the conditions by using different method at different season.

From one of the oldest academic source for Chinese medicine, in Yellow Emperor’s Classic, already mentioned the importance of Yin and Yang and how to care Yin and Yang in different season; for example, with the cold climate outside, the yang energy in the body will hide inside and
relatively the ability to defend from pathogenic factors will be also weak, and easy to recurrent some diseases; while in summer, the yang energy is at the maximum level in the body, also working with the warm weather together, will be the good time point to help to improve the disease-defensive ability and care lots of chronic health conditions.

***What are the “winter diseases”?

The most of chronic disease, especially the diseases will be getting worse or reoccur in winter or with cold weathers, for example, reoccurring cold and flu, chronic nose inflammation, asthma, chronic arthritis or keen problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lower back pain, chronic diarrhoea, sinus problems, cervical problems and more.

***Who will be the susceptible population for winter diseases?

People with yang –deficiency constitutional character from Chinese Medicine, for example, easy to feel cold, always feel tired, loose stool, low energy, low immunity, some people even can have chronic diarrhoea and frequent urination, etc.

People suffering with chronic health conditions will be also sensitive with cold weather or in winter.

***What the TCM practitioner will do for “winter diseases being cared in summer”?

We will get the individual consultation with you based on our diagnosis theory, according to your diagnostic pattern, conducting the acupuncture treatment (some specific points on acupuncture

channels), cupping, Gua Sha or even moxa treatment for you; combination with Chinese herbal formula in powder or pills will be also applied in the treatment.

***Safe to do it?

Same as normal regular Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatment, “winter diseases being cared in summer” is a safe treatment and disease prevention procedure.


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