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Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy has been used in Chinese Medicine practice for quite long time, the earliest “cupping” using records could track back to two thousand years ago, which was in Han Dynasty in China.

How does Cupping Therapy work?

The basic principle for cupping is based on meridian theory and by using “suction” technique to put different sizes of cups on the skin ; so that get effect to regulate “Qi” flow and blood circulation; also help to expel the “pathogenic factors”, such as wind, cold, dampness and heat. According to Chinese Medicine theory, the major acupuncture channels which directly link to internal organs functions also connect within the skin, the cupping stimulation and manipulation are benefit to internal organ Qi, blood and functions.

The different types of cups have been used in the Chinese medicine practice, such as glass, bamboo, porcelain and silicone; glass cups are commonly been used in clinic. Normally we will use igniting the inside with a flame to create a vacuum, so that the cups can stay on  skin to expel Qi & blood stagnation and remove pathogenic factors. You would experience warm, pulling, pressure or stretching sensation on skin during the cupping; but it is not painful feeling.

After and during the cupping procedure, keep warm by using blanket or towel cover, do not take a cold water shower immediately to protect the skin pore. You may get some cupping marks on the skin, the marks can be from reddish to dark purplish according to your health condition; normally the cupping marks would fade away around 10 days.

The cupping therapy can be used to relieve pain, benefit immunity function, help skin issues, post strokes care and women’s health.

The more and more researches indicated the positive effect of cupping therapy to help health issues, for example, this newly published article indicated that cupping on the abdominal wall actually could effectively help the children with functional constipation.


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  • Initial Consultation $60

  • Cupping treatment – $50

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