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Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest natural medical system in the world, as a major component of Chinese Medical practice, Herbal medicine has been used frequently applied in the clinic. There are about 500 herbs commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine, the most of them are originally from plant and few of them are animal products and some certain minerals.

In Australia, under the guidelines for safe Chinese Herbal Medicine Practice from Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, any products from endangered animals or within toxicity cannot be used; so that ensure the safety for herbs prescription.  Actually lots of herbs(plants) you can find from your kitchen and garden, such as ginger, cinnamon, dandelion and chrysanthemum etc.

How does Chinese Herbal Medicine work?

In Chinese Herbal Medicine, the different parts of plants collected in different season (for example, the whole plant, leave, flower, fruit, seed or root), and after the proper processing methods to ensure the therapeutic efforts and minimize side effects. The chinse herbs can be summarized and classified according to “Four Natures” and “Five Flavours” theory, which include the hot, warm cool, cold in nature and pungent, sweet, sour, bitter and salty in flavour; and all these natures and flavours are related with the herbal actions and the clinic applications to regulate organ’s functions.

The Chinese herbs actually can be used in singular form or prescribed the herbs combination as formula. For mixing different Chinese Herbs together, can optimise the effect of formula and minimize the possible side effect of certain herbs in the formula. There are quite a few herbal forms to prescribe Chinese herbal formula, such as decoction, powder, medicinal tea, pills, tablets, ointment and plaster. In our clinic, we majorly offer pre-extracted herbal powder, pills and tablets.

The herbal formula has a wide range of clinic applications from cold and flu to woman and child health problems. For example, insomnia, sleeping problems, digestive functional disorders (constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome), skin issues (like acne) anxiety, moody and depression; also can be used to help women and men fertility issues, irregular periods, painful periods and symptoms related with menopause.


  • Initial Consultation $60

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Formula – $75 (or $85 for two weeks)

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