Do you know the mulberry can be used as a Chinese herbal medicine?

By Dr Yun Shen

The lovely spring is coming; the grass turning green, flowers blossoming everywhere. While you enjoying fresh warm weather and beautiful sunshine, you may also notice the spring is a season for collecting mulberry fruit! You can collect mulberry fruit in spring all over around Perth and the most regions of Western Australian. Especially children love collecting mulberry fruits, they like fresh mulberry fruits, making mulberry cakes and put it on the top of muffin. But do you know, actually in Chinese Medicine, we use mulberry fruit as an herbal material!


Chinese Medicine, as one of the earliest natural medicine system in the world, has been developed and practiced more than two thousand years, Chinese herbal medicine practice is an important component in it, during Chinese herbal medicine practice, Chinese medicine practitioner prescribe the herbal formula based on patients’ individual health condition to help them. And the most of herbs are from different plants. When we understand and analyse each herb from the “four natures” theory, is this herb (or plant) with hot, warm, cool or cold nature; or just naturally just neutral tendency; also think about its “Five flavours”, which related with herb’s true taste, majority are “pungent”, “sweet”, “sour”, “bitter” and “salty “flavours. All these characters can guide the herbs going to affect different organs and making different treatment actions.

Mulberry fruits, is recognised with sweet, sour flavour and cold tendency in nature; majorly affects heart, liver and kidney channels in Chinese Medicine. In Chinese herbal medicine, mulberry fruits can be used to tonify blood and kidney essence, nourish “yin” and promote body fluid to moisten dryness syndrome in the body. When people suffered dizziness, tinnitus, weakness, sleeping disorders or even palpitation symptoms, after Chinese medicine “pattern” diagnosis and clarification, the mulberry fruits can help.

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