What is Jing-Luo (Meridian) ?

Message from Dr Robert Zhao

The meridians (jing) and collaterals (luo) are the pathways in which qi (vital energy or vital force, pronounced ‘chee’) and blood circulate. They form a specific network which communicates with the internal organs and limbs and connects the upper to the lower and the exterior portions of the body. The meridians are the major channels of the system and they run lengthwise within the interior of the body. The collaterals are the branches of the meridians and they run crosswise from the meridians either on or just below the body’s surface. Since they are distributed over the entire body, the meridians and collaterals link together the zang-fu (organ) and the orifices of the body, the skin, muscles and bones. They bring the body into an organic whole to carry on systematic activities.



The Chinese Medicine classic book-NeiJing indicates ‘The twelve meridians control human life, yet they are the place where disease can live. If disease starts in the meridians, the physician can use the meridians to treat the root cause of disease’.

Jing-luo functions can be summarised as follow:

  1. Transporting Qi and Blood
  2. Protecting the Body
  3. Responding to dysfunction in the body
  4. Transmit Qi to a diseased area
  5. Channels may become diseased
  6. Disease of the Zangfu (internal organs) may manifest in channels
  7. Disease may be transmitted via the channels
  8. Visibly show siaeases


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